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3-D Story

Gautam Sharma owns a shop in the small city of Surat in Gujarat. He enjoys more than his fair share of regular clientele that visits his shop not just for his stocks but also for the warm smile with which he greets every person that walks in. So when he got diagnosed with bone cancer in the maxillofacial region, specifically his right temple, his life seemed to turn upside down. The doctors told him they could remove the cancerous bones and replace them with an implant; that he should expect to get used to stiffness in his face. His smile was about to change forever.

Meanwhile, Dr. XYZ, orthopaedic surgeon at the Government Medical College and Hospital in Chandigarh had been working for the past year in collaboration with Auxein Medical to develop a new type of implant customised to a patient’s unique bone set up with the help of 3D printed casts. It was a pioneering idea to make implants that sit more comfortably and naturally in a patient’s body.

In January 2016, Dr. XYZ came across Gautam’s case and decided it was time to make use of this innovation.

It took two months for our experts at Auxein to work with Dr. XYZ to get the mould right. It involved an extensive process of X-raying and MRI imaging Gautam’s face. There were also exhaustive legal and safety norms to comply with in this case since it involved a first-ever innovation.

Finally, in April 2016, the implant procedure took place successfully, with sponsorship from Auxein. And by June 2016, Gautam was already telling us how his smile did not feel as changed as he had expected. It will still take some time for him to take charge of his shop till again, but you will be glad to know he is already on his way to recovering from a fight fairly scar-free.

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