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7.3mm Cannulated Screws, Full Thread, Self Drilling
September 3, 2016
2.4mm Cortical Screws, Self Tapping
September 5, 2016
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2.0mm Peg Screws

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  • 2.0mm Peg screw provides subchondral support.
  • Threaded, conical head is designed to implement secure locks with the threaded holes of the plate and hence provides angular stability.
  • Wise Lock Pegs provide a strong peg to plate interface.
  • Available in 10 mm to 30 mm length with 2.0 mm diameter.
  • Smooth Peg.
  • Available exclusively in Titanium.

Indications for use

It is used in the fixation of Distal Radius Wise-Lock Plates.

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