The most important aspect of any healing mission is the human touch. Our aim is to extend that warmth not just to patients but also to our associations. For us it is not about the transaction but about the interaction between people who share common goals.

Growing Stronger Relationships


There is a visible difference in the finish of Auxein’s products. I can spot their products in any line up of mixed brands, Indian and international.


I worked with Auxein Medical to develop an innovative, customised solution for a critical maxillofacial surgery. They were able to keep in step with my ideas and even enhance them. I would not choose any other name – this is the one I depend on.

Distributor from Russia

Auxein has an excellent understanding of market situations. They are quick to respond to our needs. They are alert, adaptable and have a professional attitude that is like any established European company. I would love them to set up a manufacturing unit in Russia too.

Distributor from Morocco

They offer the best quality and the best value. They are also willing to adapt their model to your needs. I supply their locking plates and have only received praise for their product. They are also very personalised in their approach and they give you a sense of shared growth and shared success.

Distributor from Egypt

I can work with Auxein Medical with my eyes closed. That is the level of trust they bring to the equation. I have seen them grow tremendously in the past few years but they never fail to give equal attention to each of their associations.

Distributor from Greece

I first interacted with the Auxein brand in Dusseldorf, when I was still working with another brand. But their professional approach and what-you-see-is-what-you-get promise inspired me to start working with them. They have good quality products and trustworthy delivery. I’ve only been associated with them for 9 months but it looks like I’ll be working with them for a long time to come.

Distributor from Malaysia

We started out small with Auxein but slowly our relationship grew. Auxein offers good quality products for trauma-based and spinal implants. Their product and their packaging alike are visibly distinguishable from other names. Ever since we started working with Auxein we don’t feel like working with any other company.
High Risk Solutions