Technology & Manufacturing process

How We Make It

It is our goal to provide the best in quality and value to every individual. Consistency is a virtue we pursue with a passion. From the procurement of raw materials to the manufacturing of our range of 600+ orthopaedic implant products, we employ world-class systems and technology on par with the highest standards of globally recognised evaluation systems.

Explore Our Manufacturing Process

Raw Material

All our raw material is sourced internationally from top quality providers. Special attention is paid to storage of sensitive material and is done according to appropriate ISO standards amongst other international safety and hygiene assessments.

Product Design

We routinely collaborate with R&D teams from IIT labs and CSIR to improve product design. One of our recent breakthroughs has been the development of a 3D-printed cast that enables individualised implant design, in collaboration with IIT labs (Indian Institute of Technology) and CSIR (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, India). Read more


We take special pride in our prototype production process during which product parts undergo numerous functionality tests before they are deemed fit for mass production. This is where we make sure every requirement from our OEM services is met flawlessly.

Mechanical Testing

We are performing mechanical testing on our products to evaluate their mechanical properties. We established in house mechanical testing lab named “VIBRONICS”. Our mechanical testing lab includes the latest test methods and analysis tools. Our extensive testing expertise covers all types of mechanical testing procedures (Static, Fatigue, Torsion and wear testing), required to evaluate mechanical performance of implants.

Computer-Aided Manufacturing

We employ CAD/CAM/CAE programs to provide the most effective solutions to our clients. The best value along with functionality, soundness and physical life of parts manufactured in our workshop with CNC and manual machines are assured by precision machining, surface treatments and assemblage operations.


Our production processes are designed to offer our partners the maximum flexibility to incorporate their special requirements in keeping with international quality control parameters. Every machine undergoes due diligence, every system is fine-tuned to minimize error. A lot of effort and time is invested in researching improvements in mounting the final product, mould, apparatus, sample and mass production parts.


All our products undergo intensive surface treatment to ensure top levels of hygiene and texture. Our colour anodizing process takes into account environmental conditions, voltage values, waiting time, redactor sensitivity, solution rate and operator experience to give our products a lasting finish. Every implant is also inscribed with information by tamper-proof laser marking methods.

Clean Room

Designed to ISO 14644-1 norms, under category Class 10000, our clean room offers possibilities for adapting to special requirements too.


Our facilities are equipped to carry out every stage of sterile and non-sterile packaging operations with maximum speed and minimum error. Every single product is sealed in pouches and labelled according to EN 980 standards.
High Risk Solutions